Hot Filler

- Composes of liquid feeding pipes, liquid distributor, filling system, CIP dummy cup and re-circulation system with precise filling temperature and level control.

- All liquid contacting parts are made of 316L or foodstuff rubber and plastic.

- Neck transferring (neck gripping) method is adopted, which can be used for various bottle types - greatly reducing bottle abrasion.

- Stable and unique filling valve design ensures accurate control for the filling level.

- Sanitary circulation pipes can meet the demand for back-flow of product filling and provide reliable guarantee for product quality.

- The grip and capping technology is in the most advanced level domestically

- The steam sterilisation can be used on caps as well.

- Can be used for various PET bottles and glass bottles; mainly used for tea, juice, milk, sport beverage containers (including fibre and pulp beverage).