High-Viscosity Filler

- Fully automatic rotary volumetric filling-capping monoblock. The entire machine applies rotary structure: bottle bottom support conveying, electromagnetic flow-meter volumetric filling, pneumatic manipulator for cap chucking, high torque capping (or servo capping-pressing monoblock)


- Applicable for various beverages, high viscosity products (such as daily chemical products) and other non-carbonated liquid for PET or HDPE bottles.

- The first high viscosity volumetric filling-capping monoblock in Asia, Tech-Long High Viscosity Filling Machines have been successfully exported to France, Czechoslovakia and Russia and have earned high praise from local customers.

- Can be used for various PET bottles, HDPE bottles and glass bottles, which are mainly used for household domestic products and high viscosity liquid (<20,000 cps).