For anyone who is looking for a 100% pure butter for their dry skin need look no further.

How does Shea Butter benefit my skin?

Shea Butter is like food for the skin containing Vitamins A, E and F.  Vitamins A and E help the skin keep itself healthy.  These vitamins are especially important when it comes to helping sun damaged skin heal.  Vitamins A, E and F assist in staving off premature wrinkles and facial lines.  Vitamin F serves to protect the skin as well as help it heal.  It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin and helps soften dry or damaged hair.  Because Shea Butter easily penetrates the skin, allowing the skin to breathe and not clogging its pores, it can deliver its nutritional payload better than other moisturisers.  Shea Butter also naturally contains cinnamic acid, a natural sun screen.  It actually does provide some degree of protection from the sun's harmful rays (still wear a sunblock though).  Shea Butter is a natural anti-inflammatory making it useful with beneficial properties.